Rekyavik Cathedral dominates the skyline.
Rekyavik Rush Hour.
Eric the Red.
Rekyavik Street Art.
Rekyavik has some great Bakeries.
Portrait of a local 1. Jon Teitur Sigmundson, one of the original Icelandic Surfers.
Portrait of a local 2. Inglofur Olsen, 2nd generation Icelandic Surfer & founder of Arctic Surfers.
Portrait of a local 3. Steiner Por Bachmann.
Portrait of a local4. Kristjan Petur Saemundsson.
The famous Icelandic 4x4's.
The main Icelandic Highway.
Sky Surfing.
Checking out the Icelandic Line-up.
The best break in Iceland is world class.
Local lad Ingo.
Post surf stoke.
Post surf stoke 2.
Last light.
The Original Geysir.
 "Some photographers have an eye for that fresh perspective that really captures your attention, some manage to bring a subject to life through the lens, while others deliver stunning images to deadline when there's no second chances. Scott Wicking manages to combine all these characteristics, which is a rare feat. On assignment abroad moments can be there for a split second and then they're gone – you need the support of a photographer who will deliver classic images to back up your editorial and Scott has a track record of producing the goods in often challenging conditions."   Chris Nelson.
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