Being a creative type from an early age, it was somewhat inevitable that I would study Art & Design to a high level. My initial interest lay in Drawing and Graphic Design. However, after capturing my first half decent image, my enthusiasm for photography was peaked.


Keeping my options open by continuing to learn a broad scope of creative skills alongside photography, I finally made the decision to focus my attention purely on taking pictures ( Ba Art & Design ( Photography) 1994 ). Knowing this wasn't enough, I was then fortunate to be awarded a scholarship from The Independent newspaper to study at the renowned Post Grad. Dip in Photojournalism ( Cardiff, 1995 ).


I then embarked on my freelance career ( Sept. '95) by initially working on features for The Daily Telegraph before moving to providing editorial content for a number of key national magazines, which I still do to this day, along side my commercial, Press, P.R. & work for private clients.


My style is primarily documentary, with a bias towards features & picture stories, but I also thrive on the discipline of fulfilling a brief, so relish working closely with clients to achieve the desired imagery. Wherever I point my cameras, I endeavor to bring passion and insight to my photography, combined with the sheer delight of simply noticing things.


While easy going & relaxed, with more than a touch of the ‘surf dude’ (with a tweedy / mountain twist), don't be fooled, as I aim for an exacting eye for detail, visual flair and technical excellence in all that I do.